Palestra "Multiple solutions for an inclusion quasilinear problem with non-homogeneous boundary condition through Orlicz Sobolev spaces""

In this work we study multiplicity of nontrivial solution for the following class of differential inclusion problems
with non-homogeneous Neumann condition through Orlicz-Sobolev spaces,
( -@u @νdiv 2µ@G φ(jr(uuj) on )ru@+Ω(juj)u 2 λ@F(u) in Ω;
where Ω RN is a domain, N 2 and @F(u) is the generalized gradient of F(u). The main tools used are
Variational Methods for Locally Lipschitz Functional and Critical Point Theory.
LOCAL: Sala de semin´arios DMAT-CCET
DATA: 20/10/2017
HORARIO: 10h50

Notícia cadastrada em: 18/10/2017 18:48
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