Graduate Program in Accounting Sciences



It involves studies and research related to the measurement and recognition of the elements that affect the assets of the entities (Assets, Liabilities, Shareholders' Equity, Gains and Losses), as well as the impact of the disclosure of this information on the organizations and also on the users of Accounting.

Line of Research: Impacts of Accounting on the Organizations and on Society

It includes studies related to the measurement and disclosure of accounting information and its impact on the decision-making process of external and internal users. It also involves research on the teaching-learning process applied in the training of professionals in the accounting area and its impact on the economic and social development of the country.

Program Objectives

1) To promote the scientific development in Accounting Sciences, and related areas, creating and disseminating knowledge through quality research;

2) To train/educate teachers and researchers to conduct teaching and research activities in Accounting Sciences, and related areas, in Higher Education Institutions of Brazil, positively impacting society through professional training;

3) To enable professionals to work prominently in various institutions, in areas that demand leading knowledge in Accounting and related sciences, forming thinkers and leaders for the public, private and third sector areas, meeting institutional demands (regulatory and professional representation bodies);

4) To contribute to the socioeconomic development of the Northeast region (and consequently of the country) from the socialization and insertion of knowledge in Accounting Sciences in several contexts and economic sectors.


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