Globally we are witnessing a growing and continuing loss of biodiversity, with the loss and alteration of habitats, pollution, invasive alien species and overexploitation of natural resources. In synergy with the loss of biodiversity, there was a low investment in training of taxonomists, often resulting in the disappearance of species not yet known even before its description and presentation to scientific community. In parallel, the rapid development of molecular and computational techniques for construction of phylogenetic hypotheses among organisms revolutionized systematics and taxonomy in the last 20 years. Moreover, the historical factors involved in the processes of speciation, or the choice of habitat can also provide mitigation for the construction of more effective mechanisms for the conservation of species and habitats. Thus, knowledge of species, their evolutionary relationships and the implications of systematic knowledge on various fields of biology is currently a subject of intense research in Biological Sciences.

                Graduate Programs related to classification and evolution are extremely scarce in Brazil, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. The proposal to establish the Graduate Program that meets the current requirements in strategic areas of taxonomy, systematics and evolution is a dream come true, it will allow the formation of human resources and able to resolve the issues and demands related to taxonomy and evolutionary biology of organisms in the Northeast region, as the Caatinga, Atlantic Forest and limnetic and marine ecosystems, and other ecosystems of the Neotropical region.

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