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DATE: 13/05/2024
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History of Brazilian science in the construction of sociopolitical perspectives in science education in Brazil: discussions based on the historical case of the Centro de Lançamento da Barreira do Inferno (CLBI)


Sociopolitical perspective. Science education. Social justice. History of Brazilian science. Centro de Lançamento da Barreira do Inferno (CLBI).

PAGES: 113
BIG AREA: Ciências Humanas
AREA: Educação

Assuming the necessity for reconnection with questions of purpose and commitment to a more politicized and politicizing science teaching, this theoretical thesis presents discussions about the construction of sociopolitical perspectives in science education in Brazil. These perspectives, which understand the inseparability between knowledge, identity, and power, refer to approaches that place the political at the core of science education, a movement already underway in the literature in the field. Inserted in this context and embracing citizenship, democracy, and social justice as values, the present research aims to evaluate the role of Brazilian science history in the construction of sociopolitical perspectives in science education in Brazil. To accomplish this, a historical case of national significance, the Centro de Lançamento da Barreira do Inferno (CLBI), is examined, drawing upon Cultural History of Sciences, particularly through the study of scientific practices. The choices of historiographic lens and the historical episode are made in alignment with the stated educational commitment. For the historical research, primary and secondary sources are utilized. The primary sources include documents from US diplomacy in Brazil, newspaper articles from the period, government documents, and institution records, including formerly confidential or restricted files. Secondary sources encompass works discussing the history of aerospace research in Brazil, Brazil-USA relations during the relevant period, and the political history of Rio Grande do Norte and the Brazilian Northeast. At the qualification stage of this thesis, discussions on historiography and geography of knowledge in sociopolitical perspectives in science education in Brazil are ongoing, as well as the second part of the historical analysis of the studied episode, which involves examining practices for preparing, launching, and tracking aerospace devices at CLBI. Finally, the concluding chapter remains open. It will synthesize the elements raised and focus on the specific national historical case under scrutiny, presenting potential contributions of the History of Sciences to education from a sociopolitical perspective.

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