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DATE: 28/10/2022
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Teaching Geometry from the perspective of Objectification Theory


Theory of Objectification; Teaching and learning of Geometry; Geometry in teacher education.

PAGES: 130
BIG AREA: Ciências Exatas e da Terra
AREA: Matemática
SUBÁREA: Geometria e Topologia
SPECIALTY: Geometria Diferencial

 The present study, entitled Teaching and Learning of Geometry from the perspective of the Theory of Objectification, seeks to bring some answers to questions of an epistemological and methodological nature, in this order: How the Theory of Objectification can support the elaboration of a proposal for teaching and learning Geometry Euclidian in the teacher-training course at Uni Púnguè (Mozambique)? The research was carried out in the Graduate Program in Science and Mathematics Teaching at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, in the research line “Culture, Epistemology and Education in Science and Mathematics”. Its purpose is: to point out the essential and necessary parameters to design a proposal for teaching and learning Geometry, based on the Theory of Objectification (TO), in the Mathematics teacher training course (Bachelor in Mathematics), at the Púnguè University, in Mozambique. Therefore, the research is of a theoretical nature and the methodology built is based on Luís Radford's Theory of Objectification. Starting from the Euclidean Geometry program already in vogue at Uni Púnguè and from Mozambican documents on the curriculum of school geometry, I made the first approximation of the curriculum of the proposed geometry course. As the theoretical framework of OT became a pillar and compass for my studies, both in didactic, pedagogical and epistemological aspects, I had to review the course curriculum. Classroom activities follow the OT recommendations, allowing the teaching and learning process to add at the same time an organized set of theoretical principles, a methodology and some paradigmatic research questions (RADFORD; 2021d; p. 21). Therefore, TO be vision on teaching and learning mathematics revealed the need to include Ethno mathematics and History of Mathematics issues in the geometry course curriculum for future mathematics teachers. Concerning part of the proposed curriculum, following the recommendations of the TO, thus bringing the present study closer to the format in which it will be used in the classroom.

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