The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, through its internationalization policy, regulated by a CONSEPE decision, through Resolution Nr. 189/2017 of November 20, 2017, seeks to consolidate and expand internationalization based on its strategic areas, with a view to achieving academic and scientific excellence, contributing to the education/training of qualified human resources and production of scientific and technological knowledge, observing the principles of sustainable development, in order to become a national and international reference in the strategic themes defined in its PDI (Institutional Development Plan) and in the Internationalization Plan.


The PrInt Program is valid for 4 (four) years, beginning in November, 2018.


Linked to some of the PrInt’s themes, 5 (five) Research Projects in International Cooperation were structured (according to the attached documents).



  • Encouraging the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic plans for the internationalization of the selected institutions in the fields of knowledge which they prioritize.
  • Encouraging the formation of international research networks with a view to improving the quality of the academic production linked to graduate studies.
  • Promoting the incoming and outgoing mobility of professors/lecturers and students, with emphasis on doctoral and postdoctoral students, and professors/lecturers, linked to stricto sensu graduate programs with international cooperation.




  • The Faculty of the Graduate Programs with Experience Abroad in the Priority Areas.
  • The inclusion in the curricular structure of the Graduate Programs of materials, subjects and courses in a foreign language.
  • Consolidation of existing international partnerships, as well as the construction of new partnerships and cooperation projects to increase the interaction between the Brazilian institution and research groups abroad.


The Vice-Presidency of Graduate Studies (PPG) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, within the Institutional Internationalization Program, under the terms of the Institutional Project approved in the context of Call for Proposals No. 41/2017 - CAPES, provides 6 different types of scholarships, namely:


  • Inter-university Exchange PhD Program
  • Young Talent with Experience Abroad
  • Postdoctoral Degree with experience abroad
  • Visiting Professor in Brazil
  • Senior Visiting Professor Abroad
  • Junior Visiting Professor Abroad

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