The Graduate Program in Information and Knowledge Management (PPGIC), which offers the Professional Masters in Information and Knowledge Management, has as its area of concentration “Information in Contemporary Society” and as its line of research “Information and Knowledge Management”.

The area of concentration “Information in Contemporary Society” aims to address the trends in theories, methodologies and practices in Information Science. In this sense, it considers the specific problems of the post-industrial society connected to the production, dissemination, access and use of information and knowledge.

Information and Knowledge Management in Organizations is the part of Information Science that has the purpose of applying the fundamentals, methodologies and specific practices of Information Science to the planning, designing, implementation and evaluation of systems and information units appropriate to the peculiarities and characteristics of each organization and its environment. This Master also includes the management of knowledge owned by the organizations, which, with an adequate program, can explicitly as information resources in order to allow their identification, organization, analysis, preservation and sharing.






  1. To train/educate professionals and researchers for the practice of the advanced professional practice and capable of transforming procedures in the field of Information Science, as well as for the development of the scientific field.
  2. To train/educate high-level professionals and researchers capable of applying the acquired technical-scientific knowledge in solving problems and in developing products, processes or services.
  3. Providing world-class training/education in the field of Information Science, with a view to training/educating highly qualified professionals and researchers.
  4. Transfering knowledge to society in the field of Information Science, from the training/education of high-level professionals and researchers capable of meeting the specific demands of their work environment and necessary for the national, regional and local development.




The PPGIC graduate must be able to be a high level professional that contributes to the development of the field of Information Science through the study of inter and transdisciplinary theoretical and methodological contributions to be reflected in the management, organization and evaluation of information and knowledge in different informational environments.

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