Seminários em Neurociências 2014.1

Data: 11/04/2014 (6a-feira)
Hora: 11:00 am
Local: Biblioteca do ICe-UFRN

Emerging new rules of thalamocortical wiring in rodent and primate brains

Current understanding of thalamocortical (TC) circuits is largely based on studies investigating so-called ‘specific’ thalamic nuclei, which receive and transmit sensory-triggered input to specific cortical target areas. TC neurons in these nuclei have a striking point-to-point topography and a stereotyped laminar pattern of termination in the cortex, which has made them ideal models to study the organization, plasticity, and development of TC circuits. However, neurons within these nuclei only represent a fraction of all thalamic neurons, and do not reflect the actual diversity of the TC neuron population.

Francisco Clasca

Full Professor of Human Anatomy and Neuroscience

Autonoma University Medical School in Madrid

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