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DATE: 30/09/2022
TIME: 14:30
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The Project Management Office's Contributions to Organizational Performance: Empirical Validation Through a Structural Model 


Project Management Office. Contributions. Organizational Performance.

PAGES: 139
BIG AREA: Ciências Sociais Aplicadas
AREA: Administração

This dissertation aims to analyze how the Project Management Office's Performance contributes to Organizational Performance. For this, this work was divided into three articles. The first article presents an investigation into the role of the Project Management Office (PMO) in organizations from the analysis of the state of the art on the subject. For this, a systematic review of the literature is performed, based on the PRISMA recommendation. For the descriptive analysis of the results, both qualitative and quantitative, the software MS Excel (v.2110), VOSviewer (v.1.6.14), as well as the online platforms and were used. From the analysis of the textual corpus of the selected works, it was possible to present the performance of PMOs, their variations, the types of organizations where they are inserted, as well as their contributions, challenges, improvements and proposals for future investigations. In the second article, a systematic literature review is carried out to investigate how PMO performance is related to organizational performance in the current literature. With the support of the IRAMUTEQ Software to perform the Content and Descriptive Analysis of the textual corpus, it was possible to observe that there is a notorious interest of researchers in investigating the PMO under the aspects of Performance, Challenges, Management and Team Engagement, PMO Functions and its Change Management Support. In addition, it is possible to emphasize the importance of the Human Factor (teams), Partners and Stakeholders in support of the PMO, in addition to considering, in the performance of the PMO, the Capacities and Tensions that the PMO suffers because of the Organizational Capacities and Tensions. In view of these results, it was possible to build a theoretical model, based on the recommendations and findings of research, which presents the relationship between PMO performance and organizational performance. Finally, the article aims to analyze whether the Project Management Office (PMO) contributes, in a positive and significant way, to organizational performance, from the quantitative aspect and from the perspective of project management. For this, a theoretical model based on the literature is built and applied through a cross-sectional Survey, applied on the main platforms and social networks of project management professionals. As the work is developed from a quantitative perspective, the Structural Equation Modeling approach is used to analyze the collected data, with the support of the SmartPLS software. In view of the results, it is possible to reject the null hypothesis, that is, it has been proven that there are positive and significant correlations between the constructs of the structural model, Organizational Performance and PMO Performance, and these are significant, according to all indicators of quality and adequacy of the model tested in the research. Furthermore, the hypothesis of the present research is confirmed. Finally, the notorious contribution of the PMO in learning, strategy, culture, innovation, change management and, finally, in organizational performance. 

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