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DATE: 01/03/2024
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Social media and plain language as tools to promote transparencyand social control at UFRN


Transparency, social control, social media, public administration, accountability, democracy, information, simple language, information design, combatting corruption.

BIG AREA: Ciências Sociais Aplicadas
AREA: Ciência da Informação

This study aims to define strategies for the use of social media to promote transparency and social control in the context of financial and budgetary information at UFRN. The interconnection between Public Administration and social control is crucial for promoting accountability and strengthening democracy. Social control, represented by active citizen involvement, contributes to transparent governance. Information design and simple language are essential to make these portals accessible. Social media is recognized as valuable tools for disseminating information and engaging citizens. A culture of transparency is seen as essential to strengthen social control and civic participation. Within this theme, it is observed that, despite existing portals required by law, improvements and corrections are needed within this complex theoretical/legal framework, and new means may emerge to combat corruption through transparency via social media and the use of simple language. The research highlights the relevance of using these tools to improve access and understanding of financial information at UFRN, pointing out that, despite the university's transparency, data is not always accessible and understandable. It proposes that social media can drive direct participation in university management, benefiting administration and strengthening social control. The study explores how these platforms promote transparency and social control, providing a more inclusive administration. It emphasizes the contribution to the field by providing insights into the effective use of these platforms and highlights the positive social impact, promoting a more informed and engaged society. Information Science professionals and managers can use the results to enhance communication strategies and strengthen transparency. Scientifically, the research fills a gap, generating theoretical and practical knowledge to contribute to a stronger and more innovative institution, excelling in administration and governance. Given the importance of portals as a prominent figure in exercising citizenship through social control and the opportunity to oversee and contribute to reducing the improper use of public resources, part of the innovative initiative of organizations is to seek new means to make this information available through other channels, presented in a language focused on the end user. The methodology used is inductive, employing exploratory and monographic research approaches. Bibliographic and documentary research methods will be used through literature and social media analysis and analysis of the university's transparency portal. The nature of the research is qualitative, and its purpose is descriptive.

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