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DATE: 25/10/2023
TIME: 14:30

Informational flows and mapping of hiring processes in public administration: a case study in the light of informational flows in a state secretariat


information management in the public sector; information flows; process mapping; Law No. 14.133/2021; Rio
Grande do Norte State Decree No. 32.449/2023.

PAGES: 166
BIG AREA: Ciências Sociais Aplicadas
AREA: Ciência da Informação

In the information society scenario, which has profoundly reshaped individuals' habits and use of information, it is clear that the incessant search for modernization, agility and accessibility to information is consolidated as an intrinsic demand of this new era. In this context, information management emerges as a fundamental pillar for organizations of all sizes, encompassing both the personal and professional spheres. Immersed in this new scenario of the digital era, Brazilian public administration faces a significant challenge related to the information explosion amid legislative changes in the scope of public procurement. This phenomenon becomes evident with the promulgation of Federal Law No. 14.133/2021, which introduced transformations of considerable magnitude in the current legal system. This new law stands out for representing a break with previously established practices, notably those governed by the Auction Law (Law No. 10.520/2002), Law No. 8.666/1993 and the Differentiated Contracting Regime (Law No. 12.462/2011). The new law not only seeks to increase efficiency and transparency in public procurement processes in Brazil, but also to bring a new bidding model to all spheres of government. Given this, it was decided to carry out the present study in a state public body in Rio Grande do Norte that experiences the need to adapt to changing legislation. The guiding question for the research was designed to understand “how the management of processes and informational flows can contribute to helping the administrative sector of the Infrastructure Department of Rio Grande do Norte State adapt to the new legislative scenario of public procurement in light of Federal Law No. 14.133/2021 and to State Decree No. 32.449/2023?” To answer this question, this research has the general objective: Diagnose the adaptation needs of Federal Law No. 14.133/2021 and the Rio Grande do Norte State Decree No. 32.449/2023 within the scope of the Infrastructure Department. In methodological aspects, this research is characterized as qualitative and quantitative, being a study of an applied nature, located within applied social sciences. It will use the inductive approach method and the monographic (case study), statistical and structuralist procedure methods. Regarding the objectives of the research, it is classified as exploratory and descriptive. Data collection will be carried out using the following instruments: questionnaire, snowball interview technique, documentary research (direct and indirect) and bibliographic research. Regarding data analysis techniques, content analysis and descriptive statistics will be used. As a result, in addition to mapping the practices that the public organization currently adopts, a proposal will be prepared to shows the future actions the organization can adopt in order to keep its informational flows and processes aligned with the legal requirements of Federal Law nº14.133/2021 and Rio Grande do Norte State Decree No. 32.449/2023.

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