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DATE: 25/07/2022
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INFORMATION FLOW: a study in the management of containerized cargo in the Port of Natal


Information Management; Informational Flow; Port Management.

BIG AREA: Ciências Sociais Aplicadas
AREA: Ciência da Informação

The scientific contribution that this research can promote concerns the area of Information Management, Information Flow and Port Management. The interest in the subject is justified due to the current moment in which the Secretary of Ports of Brazil aims to create integration between the Docks, specifically for the management of containerized cargo at the Port of Natal. Considering that the Port of Natal does not have an adequate information structure to meet its demands; and that the sectors do not have their own (internal) flows, the research highlights the following question: How does the information flow occur in the management of containerized cargo at the Port of Natal of Companhia Docas do RN? Based on this question, its general objective is to analyze the information flow of the management of containerized cargo at the Port of Natal of Companhia Docas do RN. And as specific objectives: to describe the current information flows of each of the prioritized problems, with regard to the management of containerized loads; in addition to identifying the prioritization of problems associated with the management of containerized cargo; and, finally, recommend points for improvement in the information flow, with regard to the management of containerized loads for the rise of response actions. In the literature review of the research in which they are treated, as main topics: Port Management; Data, Information and Knowledge; Information management; Information Management Models; Information Flow, Information Flow Models; and the Conceptual Model of Research. The methodology begins by describing the characterization of the research, as an applied research, with a qualitative approach and classified as a case study. According to the objectives, it is a descriptive and exploratory investigation. Subsequently, presenting the case under study – Porto de Natal. The population studied will be composed of a survey without a sample, since the entire universe will be used for data collection, which is formed by the Managers of the Port of Natal, namely: the Technical-Commercial Director (DTC), the Operations Manager of the Port of Natal (GEOPER), the Environment Coordinator (COORMA) and the Port Guard Supervisor (GUAPOR), who will respond to an interview script, based on the information flow model of Beal (2008), which is composed of seven steps. The script will consist of 02 (two) sections: the characterization of the correspondent, and the second section will consist of 7 (seven) dimensions, covering the seven steps proposed by the information flow model of Beal (2008). And, data analysis took place through discourse analysis, since it is qualitative data. Finally, it is highlighted how the proposed improvements will be presented, which will take place through a Focus Group, with the aim of validating the information collected during the research; with this, the intervention proposal will be described through an improvement action plan, based on 5W2H.

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