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DATE: 13/11/2020
TIME: 09:30
LOCAL: Sala videoconferência (a ser divulgada)

Tectonic Coexistence in Contemporaneity - BIG architecture (2005-2019)


Digital tectonics; Tectonics; Contemporary architecture; Project analysis.

BIG AREA: Ciências Sociais Aplicadas
AREA: Arquitetura e Urbanismo
SUBÁREA: Projeto de Arquitetura e Urbanismo
SPECIALTY: Planejamento e Projetos da Edificação

Contemporary architecture expresses itself, formally, independent of paradigms. The buildings show the complexity of life and reflect a society characterized by an unstoppable pace of change. Understanding the current architecture in an attempt to insert it in typologies is a challenge, as they present different and multiple interpretations. The discussion regarding contemporary architecture, however, has been more intensely separated from the constructive aspects, based on the abstraction of forms and the emphasis on imagery, which relegates materiality to the background. In opposition to this discussion, there are texts in defense of the resumption of studies in the face of the construction, and materiality process, as it is understood that those are intrinsic to architecture, for this reason, the rescue of the tectonic theory in architecture. Based on the assumption that contemporary architecture at some point in its design or construction process is influenced by technological tools, a new concept of expressive character emerges the digital tectonic. Many offices have sought to stand out in the world's architecture market, and for that, with the support of computational tools, they develop spectacular projects that challenge physics, construction, and materialization. In this scenario the Danish's office, Bjarke Ingels Group - BIG, stands out, which in a few years of existence has outstanding the “know-how”. This panorama converged on the following research questions: (1) is there a recurrent tectonic practice developed by the BIG in its projects? (2) How is the tectonic character established under the perspective of the wrapping of architectural space in your projects? (3) Is contemporary digital tectonics a resource used in the BIG's projects? It is assumed that there is a recurrence in the use of design strategies that link the resistant structure to the technical-constructive conception, as well as that there is a concern, and resistance in the emphasis of the tectonic character in the projects, from the moment that its resistant structure is justified in the formal expression of the architectural space. Also, due to the complexity of the formal structure of the architectural space, the use of computational resources in the resolution of the building is attributed. In this sense, the general objective of the research is to outline the expression of the tectonic character in the contemporary architecture of the BIG, to bring reflections on the importance of constructive poetics in the formal structure of architecture produced in contemporary times. For the objective to be achieved, the procedures adopted are based on the qualitative assessment of the BIG's projects, in the period from 2005 to 2019, through the practice of redesigns, construction of models (physical and digital), and spatial and formal appraisals through methods of graphical analysis. This work aimed to contribute to contemporary architectural trends, driven by aspects tangible to the digital age, in addition to contributing to this new tectonic discourse that sees in these new tools a condition of contemporary architecture, not only in materiality and constructive technique but also, in the expressive character, in the processes of conception, representation, and construction.

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