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DATE: 19/12/2019
TIME: 14:00
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New directions of contemporary architecture: international awards and the emergence of the starsystem


Contemporary architecture; starsystem; emerging architecture

PAGES: 127
BIG AREA: Ciências Sociais Aplicadas
AREA: Arquitetura e Urbanismo
SUBÁREA: Projeto de Arquitetura e Urbanismo

Analyzing the architectural production from the last decades of the last century to the present, we can identify some transformations in the design of contemporary architects. In a way, research shows us breaks with some aspects of last century architecture and the emergence of new architectural currents that have appeared in recent decades. Thus, to better understand the architecture produced today, it is interesting to study some architects that are emerging in the contemporary starsystem, while evaluating their professional practice in seeking to discover the existence of some rigor in the development of action. In this sense, it is considered important to carry out studies and analyzes that contribute to clarify new languages and architectural approaches of contemporary projects and their relationship with the production of an emerging generation of architects, especially those that began to stand out in the international scene, winning not only a number of important international awards and contests, but also respect in the professional world. It is in this context presented that the main objective that motivates this research arises, which is in front of the languages and architectural approaches existing in this contemporary production of architects and emerging offices in the architecture starsystem, award winners and contest winners, to identify the importance that has a international award for a young architect for the evolution of his professional career. Thus, the object of this thesis relates these design analyzes, practiced by these emerging architectural offices, with contemporary theories and concepts. The initial hypothesis is that these project propositions, as languages and approaches of this generation of architects / offices characterized as emerging, show good architectural evolution after the awarding of these awards, not only in formal experimentation, but also in the conceptual and methodological fields, which has led architects / offices to gain prominence on the international scene. Some search methods will be applied in order to better obtain the desired results, such as: bibliographic search; bibliographic and documentary searches, such as official electronic portals of the offices analyzed. Finally, we will present a comparative analysis between the beginning of the professional careers of these architects / offices with their current professional performances, studying their most representative projects of the awards era and the present, especially about their design characteristics. With this, we seek to identify whether or not there have been (or not) architectural evolutions in the profession in terms of architectural languages and approaches during their careers after receiving important awards for young emerging architects.

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