The emergence of the medical course in the Multicampi School of Medical Sciences of UFRN occurred as a response to the need for training and fixing doctors in the interior of Brazil, in view of the context of the Mais Médicos Program (PMM) and the program of interiorization of the federal Higher Education Institutions (IES), initiated by the Federal Government through the Program of Support for Restructuring and Expansion Plans of Federal Universities (Reuni).
The EMCM/UFRN is characterized by its multicampi nature, covering the campuses of Santa Cruz, Currais Novos and Caicó (administrative headquarters of the course), and its academic activities began on July 25, 2014. The Pedagogical Project of the Medicine Course (PPC) of the EMCM-UFRN prioritizes the linking of the student with the social and health reality of the population, providing a qualified technical-scientific, ethical and humanistic education.
The PPC is built based on the development of integrated competencies throughout the curriculum, with the Tutorial Teaching, Clinical, Morphofunctional and Communication Skills, and the integration between teaching, service, and community as pedagogical structuring axes. Student training is carried out through the development of skills and competencies with the use of active methodologies, a student-centered critical-reflective teaching-learning process, and community-based teaching, allowing the longitudinal insertion of the student in primary health care since the early years of the course.
The course's curricular structure is in line with the National Curriculum Guidelines (DCNs) and is divided into two sequential phases. The first phase is called Fundamentals of Clinical Practice (FPC), which covers the axes of tutorial teaching, skills teaching, and community teaching, and includes 31 interdisciplinary modules in the first four years of the course, providing the construction of knowledge in spiral fashion. The second phase is called Medical Internship (MI), comprising the last two years of the undergraduate course.

Program Coordination: ERICO GURGEL AMORIM


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