Seminários em Neurociências 2012.1

Horário: 11H

Data: 02/05/2012

Local: Biblioteca ICe-UFRN
Palestrante: Ernesto Restrepo, Uppsala University

Identification of local circuits in the spinal cord that generate locomotion

The interest to classify neurons is based on the prospect of
understanding their functionality. However in order to classify cells
it is necessary to decide what properties are to be included as
criteria for the respective grouping. In the case of the spinal cord
the functional criteria's of classification can easily be  integrated
into the study of of locomotion because central pattern generators
(CPGs) are networks that can operate without sensory input and this
functional definition gives us a heuristically framework to evaluate
the role of components of the CPGs. Therefore if a neuron (or another
organization level) is part of the CPG, its absence necessarily should
affect the capacity of the system to operate autonomously or disturb
its intrinsic properties. Thus, the interest in axonal guidance
molecules (Ephrins and  its receptors) in the study of the CPG
resulted from the discovery of the abnormal gait of the EphA4 and
ephrinB3 knock-out mice. By combining multiple techniques we were to
dissect the behavioral differences of this mutants  and causally
explain their abnormal walking pattern as the result of changes in the
oscillatory networks that control limb movements.

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