Seminários em Neurociências 2011.2

Quarta-feira 31/08/2011 10:50h Sala 3 – Escola de Ciência e Tecnologia

High frequency oscillations in the auditory cortex of the awake rats

Paulo Vianney Rodrigues (Brain Institute, UFRN)

Numerous reports of human electrophysiology have demonstrated gamma (30–150 Hz) frequency oscillations in the auditory cortex during listening. However, only a small number of studies in non-human animals have provided evidence for gamma oscillations during listening. We used multi-site recordings from primary auditory cortex (A1) in awake rats as they passively listened to tones to investigate whether acoustic stimulation induced gamma oscillations. We addressed two fundamental questions: (i) Is passive listening associated with an increase in gamma oscillation in A1? And, if so: (ii) Are A1 gamma oscillations during passive listening coherent within local networks and ⁄ or over long distances? Our experiments demonstrated that gamma oscillations are present, but not uniformly expressed, throughout A1 during passive listening and that there is strong local coherence in the   spatiotemporal organization of gamma activity. Moreover, we also investigated whether gamma oscillations are modulated during active listening. Our preliminary results suggest that gamma and high gamma frequencies are modulated by active listening.


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