Seminários em Neurociências 2011.1

Segunda-feira 28/02/2011 10:50h Sala 6 – Escola de Ciência e Tecnologia


A mechanism for the formation of hippocampal neuronal firing patterns that represent what happens where

Prof. Adriano Tort (IC-UFRN/IINNELS)

The association of specific events with the context in which they occur is a fundamental feature of episodic memory. However, the underlying network mechanisms generating what-where associations are poorly understood. It was recently reported that some hippocampal principal neurons, called item-place cells, develop representations of specific events occurring in particular locations. In this talk, I’ll present new experimental results that strongly suggest a mechanism leading to the formation of item-place cell assemblies in the hippocampus.


Local: Sala 6 – 1º. andar - Escola de Ciências e Tecnologia / UFRN

Campus Universitário Lagoa Nova, 59078-970 - Natal - RN

Tel: +55 (84) 3217-0003 / 4008-0003 (IINN-ELS / CPN)


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