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DATE: 14/06/2024
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Acoustics as an intersectionality between Physics and Music: proposal for an Acoustic Physics teaching sequence based on musical elements in the light of the “three pedagogical moments”


Physics Teaching; Acoustic; didactic sequence; Three Pedagogical Moments; musical sound tubes.

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AREA: Física

As such a pervasive and engaging form of artistic expression, music has the potential

to stimulate emotions, memories, reflections, create connections. In the context of the

teaching of Physics at the high school level, music can act as an effective didactic tool

in the teaching and learning processes, capable of providing students with a dynamic

and pleasurable learning experience, and can therefore facilitate the understanding of

complex scientific concepts, commonly treated as very abstract or intangible by

students. In this work, we present a proposal for a didactic sequence for the teaching of

basic concepts of Acoustic Physics to second grade classes of High School, using the

"Three Pedagogical Moments" (3MP) as a theoretical-methodological subsidy. In this

sequence, music is not used as a mere filling of motivational space, but is, above all,

considered as an interface that, like Physics, has Acoustics as an intersectional field. In

addition, we propose, at the end of the teaching sequence, an activity of building sound

tubes from low-cost materials (cardboard, ruler, scissors and adhesive tape). Musical

sound tubes, as they are more widely disseminated, are sound instruments widely used

by music teachers, especially in ensemble practices, such as choirs and musical

initiation classes. These tubes are capable of individually producing sounds with certain

musical notes, depending on their length. A set of these tubes, easily found in the

physical or virtual market (Internet), forms a complete musical scale (including

accidents). However, its cost, in fact, can be an acquisitive obstacle for many schools

and teachers, especially in the public school scenario in our country. Our proposal is to

apply the concepts related to sound tubes (speed of sound, frequency, wavelength and

length of the tube) from the making of a complete musical scale of musical tubes. With

this, it will be possible to make some measurements and predictions, such as

calculating, through the sound tube equations, the speed of sound in air and the length

of other tubes, whether or not they belong to the same harmonic field. In this way, we

hope that students understand the model of Sound Tubes, as well as have some contact

with the notion of musical scales, thus realizing that the field of Acoustics is intimately

related to both Physics and Music.

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