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DATE: 09/06/2022
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Teaching Geometry from the perspective of Objectification Theory


teaching geometry. Visualization. Joint work. Community ethics

PAGES: 100
BIG AREA: Ciências Exatas e da Terra
AREA: Matemática

The study, entitled Teaching Geometry from the perspective of Objectification Theory, brings some answers to questions that are a problematic proxy, of an epistemological character of the present order, in this order: How Theory helps us to give a direction to a direction. Elaboration of a proposal for learning Euclidean Geometry in the teacher-training course at Uni Púnguè (Mozambique)? The research is being carried out at the Graduate Program in Science and Mathematics Teaching at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, in the research line “Culture, Epistemology and Education in Science and Mathematics”. Its proposal for mathematical learning: determination of the theory of mathematics and formation of a proposal for learning mathematics, fundamental teaching in the theory of mathematics at the University of Mozambique. Therefore, the research is theoretical in nature, and the methodology we built is based on Luís Radford's Theory of Objectification. Starting from the Euclidean Geometry program already in vogue Uni Púnguè school documents, in Mozambicans about the geometry curriculum and the geometry teacher-training project offered in complements from Holland, Mozambique as first approximations of the geometry course curriculum to be proposed. OT is the pillar and compass that supports and guides studies in their didactic, pedagogical and epistemological aspects. Classroom activities follow three levels of consideration: general level, level of choice of math problems, and level of specific forms of human collaboration. Attention was also given to the insertion of ethnomathematical thinking [still under construction], of historical-epistemological reflections on geometric objects [still under construction]. It is worth mentioning that in the present text there is still a need to reflect and insert elements of the teaching and learning process related to subjectivation. The expectation is that this work can contribute beyond the teaching and learning of geometry, teachers and students in the classroom work together, even not having the same function, doing the joint work and consequently leading them to community ethics. Radford emphasizes that by emphasizing the joint work of teachers and students, it seeks to offer points of reference for the renewal and imagination of new ways of relating and working with others.

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