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DATE: 26/10/2021
TIME: 09:00
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Performance of UFRN chemistry undergraduates on ENADE questions (2011 to 2017) and its relationship with thinking skills


ENADE; general chemistry; thinking skills.

BIG AREA: Ciências Humanas
AREA: Educação
SUBÁREA: Planejamento e Avaliação Educacional
SPECIALTY: Avaliação de Sistemas, Instituições, Planos e Programas Educacionais

This research emerges from the discussion on the role of large-scale assessment of higher education students, the ENADE, in the sense that performance contributions can signal to the faculty of the evaluated courses. Particularly our focus was the chemistry courses at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. ENADE tests cover both general and specific knowledge. Among the general knowledge of chemistry, we chose to analyze the questions that addressed contents of general chemistry because we considered fundamental concepts of training, whether for a bachelor's degree or for a licentiate degree. This training also seeks to develop different thinking skills (low and high order). Thus, our general objective is to analyze the general chemistry questions of the ENADE-Chemistry tests of the years 2011, 2014 and 2017, in which for their resolution it is necessary to mobilize low-order thinking skills, such as decoding data and applying formulas. Therefore, we seek to identify general chemistry issues and success rates; infer from the performance in the descriptors (of these questions) of the ENADE participants of the UFRN bachelor's and chemistry degree courses; analyze the performance of these courses for general chemistry knowledge. As a result, we identified 6 questions that addressed general chemistry content for its resolution, one of which was canceled. Of these, we identified 4 questions in which they mobilized level 1 thinking skills for their resolution. From the statistical analysis, we identified that the undergraduates had a good performance in the chemistry questions classified in level 1 (Cognitive Level of Difficulty) while in the chemistry questions analyzed in this research revealed to have a lower performance. A possible inference of this result may be related to disciplinary knowledge. Regarding the analysis of the questions, it was possible to signal perspectives to contribute to the teaching staff of the IES.

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