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DATA : 05/10/2018
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Tourism and the acquisition of the rural family and fishing production by the food service and lodging in São Miguel do Gostoso (Rn)


Tourism. Local Economy. Local Development. Family Agriculture. São Miguel do Gostoso.

GRANDE ÁREA: Ciências Sociais Aplicadas
ÁREA: Turismo

The present study investigated the relationship of tourism with the acquisition of rural familiar production and the fishing resource for food service and accommodation in São Miguel do Gostoso (RN), whereas tourism while socio-spatial phenomenon can contribute improvements to the municipality and to the people who dwell there. That said, the optics of Amartya Sen (2010) the development as freedom and Kiyota and Gomes (1999); Belik et al (2002) and Ramalho (2016) to support local economy relations. In this scenario, as participants of research: the tourist trade and the farmer. To reach such audience participant were considered some of the criteria. The tourist trade there should be at least a year and provide at least one meal in your establishment. And farmers were considered from the endorsements made by the tourist trade as food vendor who buys for your establishment. The scope of the study is exploratory and descriptive nature with quali-quanti approach. At first, it mentions the difficulty in obtaining information about the existence of establishments of accommodation and food due to high turnover of also opening and closing of enterprises in this sector. Skirted-if such a situation using several existing information about the enterprises in question, until you reach the business objective. The data were collected with the enterprises in operation, existing ha at least a year and that offers at least a meal. These responses were usedto assemble the Census of thetourist trade relevant to thefollowing analyses. In sequence, interviewed farmers selling your ruralfamily production in freemarketing fair in Sao Miguel do Gostoso/RN. All the information of thecensus were entered into Google Forms to assist in theanalysis and interpretation of data. The interviews already had their audio transcribed according to the and Ramilo and Freitas (2001) guidelines and, subsequently, the analysis of thecontent. The main findings on the relationship of the acquisition of the genre, it can besaid that are: 1) the service of accommodation is one that most stands out with theacquisition of food directly to family agriculture; 2) stands out the food service for the purchase directly to other markets, and the local market little using the acquisition of food directly to familyagriculture; 3) the tourist trade that has consumption are those who seek to acquire thefood directly to family agriculture; 4) purchases of food directly to the local market's bigger than the acquisitionto the fair-free Hall, the acquisition market-free Hall, than to family agriculture and organic fair, respectively; and 5) for establishment of the tourist trade that has no link with theacquisition of food directly to family agriculture. The contribution of the tourist phenomenon, in the context of localdevelopment, has been minimal, because this economic activity has not yet been able to provide another levelto the municipal level, such as illiteracy and the real purchasing power.

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