The Graduate Program in Health Sciences (PPGCSa) was approved by Resolution nº. 021/2001-CONSEPE / UFRN, and by CAPES, master's degree in document of December 17/2001 and PhD level of December 20, 2004, document No. 264/2004 / CTC / CAPES. It is governed by the UFRN Statute (last updated by Resolution 013/2008 - CONSUNI, of December 1, 2008) and General UFRN Regulation (last updated by Resolution No. 009/2018-CONSUNI, of 1August 13, 2018), by Resolution No. 197/2013-CONSEPE, December 10, 2013, which normalizes UFRN's graduate programs and courses, and by the PPGCSa Internal Regulations (Annex to Resolution No. 055/2007-CONSEPE, of November 6 2007).

Inserted in the evaluation area of "Medicine II", the PPGCSa has been linked, since 2011, in the basic area of "Infectious and Parasitic Diseases", after migration of the programs of the basic area of Nutrition, which the program was inserted, to a new Nutrition Assessment Area.

Current coordination: Prof. Eryvaldo Sócrates Tabosa from Egypt; and vice-coordinator Prof. Ana Katherine da Silveira Gonçalves de Oliveira, who are committed to stimulating internationalization and increasing scientific productivity in the area of Health Sciences, through production in high impact international magazines.



General Objective:

Formation of quality human resources (Masters and Doctors) in the area of health, Scientific and technological development, directed to scientific production in the area of Health Sciences, with the product, articles published in high impact international magazines and patents. In addition to encouraging scientific exchange with major international reference centers.

Specific Objectives:

- Provide knowledge, preparing students for the performance of research and higher teaching activities in the area of Health Sciences, prioritizing the qualification of research professors from public and private universities based in Natal and from higher education institutions in the state of Rio Grande North and Northeast Brazil, as well as several other regions of the country.

- Encourage research and publication in journals with good impact factors, aiming to promote scientific productivity in the area of Health Sciences.

- Train as many human resources as possible with updated, differentiated and excellent qualifications in the area, with the capacity to exchange knowledge with the best national and international research centers.

- Internationalize the program with the exchange of students and teachers between Brazil, Europe and the United States, through research projects (Cofecub, Sem Fronteiras - Special Visiting Researcher and PGCI - General Program for International Cooperation).

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Program Coordination

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