The course of Biomedical Engineering, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, offers excellent opportunity for students interested in research and training in biomedical engineering. Students will learn several areas of knowledge, integrating engineering, mathematics, physics, biology and medicine in a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment. The biomedical engineering covers the design of medical equipment, biomedical and dental facing diagnosis or therapeutic treatment. The biomedical engineer designs the structure, develops and assembles equipment and makes its corrective and preventive maintenance. You can also calibrate and assess the medical and electromedical equipment. Biomedical engineers have knowledge in computer and electronics, develops software and electronics that optimize the use of these equipamentso for health professionals. You can also manage the shopping area of medical equipment and plan its use. Also conducts scientific research to the discovery of materials and biomedical instruments. Work in hospitals, medical clinics, health centers, pharmaceutical and clinical analysis, specialized in hospital maintenance services, research centers and industry. The undergraduate program provides various activities and disciplines taught in laboratories. Therefore, we have an infrastructure of laboratories to support these activities. For example: biomaterial lab, anatomy lab, physiology, biomedical instrumentation, signal and image processing, bioengineering, metrology and more ...

Program Coordination: ERNANO ARRAIS JUNIOR


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  • 09/01/2023 - 16/01/2023 · Enrollment for the semester 2023.1.
  • 06/03/2023 · Start of semester 2023.1.
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