Chemical engineering is the area related to the development and application of industrial processes that use physical and chemical transformations. The chemical engineer creates and perfects techniques for extraction of raw materials, as well as its utilization or transformation in chemical and petrochemical products such as paints, plastics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, pulp and paper. The engineer develops products and equipment, manages its operations and research more efficient and less polluting technologies.

Also designs and directs the construction, assembly and the functioning of factories, power plants and treatment of industrial wastewater. Search and implants clean industrial processes, applying knowledge of legislation, normatization and sustainable development.


The Office of the Course Coordination of Chemical Engineering (CCEQ in portuguese) is located at the Technology Center - CT in room 49.  


Course Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Magna Angélica dos Santos Bezerra Sousa


Vice Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Nathalia Saraiva Rios


Secretary: Raiano Tavares


CCEQ's Phone: +55 84 99229-6596

CCEQ e-Mail:



E-mail: Not available at this moment

Professional Title: Engenheiro CNPQ's Knowledge Area: Engenharias Academic Agreement : Not available at this moment Course Modality: Presencial
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